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Why get the Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Expert Certification for Designing Azure Architect?

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert is the expert level certification of Azure. Solutions Architect Expert designs solutions that run on Azure. Proficiency in compute, network, storage, and security helps Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert in achieving this goal.  Certification of Azure Solutions Architect Expert validates your skills in Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and Microsoft Azure Architect Design. In this blog we will discuss the following questions:

Tasks of Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert:

Azure Solutions Architect Experts are proficient in Azure administration, Azure development, and DevOps. On their expertise they advise stakeholders. Azure Solutions Architect Expert performs the task of translating business requirements into secure, scalable, and reliable solutions. The Architect Expert manages how decisions in each area affect an overall solution.
  • Task of infrastructure strategy: Besides designing An Azure Solutions Architect Expert recommends management tools for compute by determining appropriate compute technologies. Recommendations of storage solution and storage management tools also come from the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert.
  • Azure Solutions Architect Expert designs for Deployments, Migrations and an API Integration Strategy: An Architect expert accomplishes this task by designing  compute, container, data platform, messaging solution. The Architect determines application and data compatibility by designing data import and export strategies during migration. For an API Integration Strategy, the Azure Solution Architect recommends a hosting structure for API management.
  • Continuity of a business: For the continuity of a business, the Azure Solution Expert recommends recovery objectives such as Azure, on-prem, hybrid, Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Level Objective (RLO). It’s the responsibility of the Azure Solution Expert to identify SLA(s) for data archiving by recommending storage types and methodology for data archiving.
  • Technical Task of developing for the cloud and Azure Storage: To accomplish this task of cloud development the Azure Solutions Architect develops solutions that use Cosmos DB storage and a relational database. Moreover, the solution architect configures message-based integration architecture by creating Notification Hub, Event Hub, and Service Bus.
  • Cloud Architect Technology Solutions: The Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect possesses skills of cloud infrastructure, storage structures, billing, and networking. Therefore, it is the task of the Azure Architect Expert to Address Durability of Data and Caching along with Measuring Throughput and Structure of Data Access.

What are the requirements for becoming Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert?
Besides passing two required exams, you must have certain skills and experience for becoming the Azure Solutions Architect Expert. If you are interested in the certification of Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert, visit JustCerts for its required exams.

  • If you are determined to become an Azure Solutions Architect Expert then you must have advanced knowledge across various aspects of IT operations.
  • Your concepts about networking, virtualization, identity, security, business continuity, disaster recovery must be cleared.
  • It is required for becoming the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert that you have complete knowledge about other Azure operations like Azure administration, Azure development, and DevOps.
  • Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources.
  • Implementing and Managing Storage, and using Azure Active Directory management of identities are also required.
  • You must know about Implementing Advanced Virtual Networking and Securing Identities using Azure AD.
  • Designing for Deployments, Migrations, API Integration Strategy is also required for becoming the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert.
  • For the role of Azure Solutions Architect Expert it is required to design a compute, container, data platform, messaging solution and service deployment strategy.
  • Determining the network connectivity method, migration scope, and data compatibility.
  • As a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert you design an API gateway strategy and recommend a hosting structure for API management. 

Exams of Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert:

Prerequisite: For the preparation of Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert exams you must be familiar with the Azure Development, Azure Administration and DevOps. Familiarity is not enough because expert level skills in one of these are required. As a candidate, you should have advanced level skills in identity, visualization, networking, business continuity, budgeting, data management, governance, and disaster recovery skills.
If you fail in the first attempt, don’t worry because Microsoft has given you five chances in a year to pass this exam. The policies of every attempt are different. After the first failed attempt you must wait 24 hours for the second attempt. Failure in the second attempt would impose a wait of 14 days. This wait is also for the fourth and fifth attempts. But after the fifth failed attempt you have to wait 12 months for another attempt. You can check prices of both exams from the official websites of exams. You will earn this certification if you pass one of the following exams:

How to prepare Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert Exams?

Certification Website:  You can visit the official website of Azure Solution Architect certification to find more details. Information about required skills and technical tasks has been provided there by Microsoft. Upon visiting this website, you would explore all the detailed paths of Azure development.
Instructor-led training: It is a diverse training option as it provides course details and instructor-led training. With the help of course details, you would find a more detailed topic. Besides course details, you would avail the services of an instructor for training. You just have to choose a training partner to attend class in person or remotely. This in-depth training allows you to ask your instructor questions in person.
Practice Exam and upgraded questions:
Practice exam is a kind of unofficial test that gives you a complete environment of the real exam. Consider it compulsory before the exam your preparation would take a big leap after practice test. After completing the sample test, you would get a detailed report of your mistakes. It gives you an idea of the exam’s requirements and your preparations. Upgraded questions will clear your concepts about Azure solutions. If you want to get upgraded and real questions and practice test, visit JustCerts.
Discussions and Forums: Community discussions are another fruitful source of preparation. These are the most cost-effective ways of preparation. In these discussions, the experienced professionals or candidates answer your queries. Join various community groups and forums. You can choose different forums to discuss your preparation and queries there. Experts and professionals would answer your questions and remove your confusions.

In a nutshell, the certification of Azure solution architect is of expert level. Besides its two required exams, you must have skills in Azure administration, development or DevOps.  You would require a solid preparation for becoming a solution architect but once you have achieved this goal you would attain skills of the expert. This would give you a smooth ride in your career in the tech industry. Exams cover the topics of Microsoft Azure Architect Design. Combination of exams are required for the role of Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert. The preparation sources have been discussed above. You have to make sure that your preparation method is accurate and according to both exams.  Your sincerity in preparation determines your success. After passing required, you will become a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Earning this certification means a lot, as it would push your career ahead at the expert level.

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