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Guide to Develop Better Azure Solutions with Azure Developer Certification

Businesses are moving their assets towards public cloud systems. It elevates a business’s productivity and resources. In the world of cloud computing, Microsoft Azure has gained an influential spot. Certifications of Microsoft Azure have created a lot of job opportunities. Just like the demand for Azure the demand for people with Azure skills have increased as well. Rapid transitions towards Azure based cloud business has increased the importance of Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate. This blog will clear your concepts about the Azure Developer you will get the following information:

Almost every company or a business firm that has been transited to Azure requires Azure Developer Associates. Businesses need skillful Azure Developer Associates to design and maintain their cloud-based business operations. As a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate you will perform the following tasks:

  • Design Cloud Solutions
  • Build Cloud Solutions
  • Test Cloud Solutions
  • Partnering with cloud solution architects
  • Partnering with cloud administrators
  • Partnering with clients

Now almost every business or a firm needs all the above-given tasks to be done by professionals. Azure certified Azure Developer is not necessary for a career at associate-level but it is also necessary to pursue a career at the expert level as well. Azure Developers design and build different applications, services for a business to ease its activities. They occupy all the skills to use different technologies and tools of Microsoft Azure with full command. Microsoft Azure Developers avail all the available tools of Azure to develop applications and services for a business or a company.

Azure Developer Associate can become a Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer

It is a fact that you can’t get an expert role-based job without becoming the Azure Developer.  Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate is a Prerequisite for Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert. You have to pass the exam AZ-204 Exam of Azure Developer before earning the certification of Expert DevOps Engineer. DevOps Engineer is an expert level job but earning the certification of Azure Developer is necessary for it. You must have skills in performing tasks of Azure Developer before moving towards responsibilities DevOps Engineer.

Which technical tasks will you perform as a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate?

There are numerous tasks that an Azure Developer performs. Developing Azure Infrastructure and platform as a Service Compute solutions, Developing Azure Storage, Implementing its Security, Monitoring troubleshooting solutions are all tasks of the Azure Developer. JustCerts provides you information about Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate required exam and if you are interested in exam then this website helps you. Details of Azure Developer’s few tasks are given below:
  • By using Azure Portal, and PowerShell the Azure Developer plans for the deployment of Virtual Machines. Benefits of Kubernetes orchestrating, the Azure Developer runs modern, portable, microservices-based applications.
  • Azure Developer implements solutions that are necessary for using virtual machines. Managing and running a batch job with the help of Azure CLI, Azure Portal is also the liabilities of Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate.
  • Azure Developer has an important job about application services. The Developer creates Azure app services mobile and web apps. For easily running of code in the cloud, the Azure Developer knows common patters for Durable Functions.
  • The feature of WebJobs helps the Azure Developer to create an Azure App Service background task. By using Visual Studio the Azure Developer creates Azure Functions apps and implements Azure Durable Functions.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer performs tasks of Azure Storage Services and Features. To meet the needs of various situations in business operations the Azure Developer covers Azure Table storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Blob, and developing against relational databases in Azure.
  • The Azure Developer makes sure the best Azure Storage Services by developing many solutions. For the implementation of data archiving and retention, the Azure Developer moves items in blob storage between storage accounts or containers.
  • For implementing Azure Security, the developer implements authentication, access control. It’s the responsibility of Azure Developer to implement secure data solutions. For this purpose, the Azure Developer creates, reads, updates, and deletes keys by using the KeyVault API.
  • The Implementation of secure data solutions remains the primary need for cloud-based operations. The Azure Developer plays an essential part in implementing authentication, access control, and data solutions. By using the Microsoft Identity platform Azure Developers manage and utilize identity in Azure Solutions. Skills of claims-based authorization and role-based access control have also been acquired by Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate.
  • Are applications hosted in Azure operating efficiently? The answer to this question is in the creative mind of Azure Developer. Complete knowledge of Azure Monitor and Log Analytics and Application Insights enables the Azure Developer Associate to better know how well or bad their application is operating. It’s the responsibility of the developer to elevate the end-user experience, and for this task the Azure Developer uses Azure Cache and CDN.
  • Supporting scalability of apps and services is very important. Azure Developer develops codes for this goal and integrates caching and content delivery within solutions. Implementation of Application Insights Web Test and Alerts enables Azure Developer to Instrument solutions to support monitoring and logging.
  • The technical task of using various event and message based services in Azure are included in the responsibilities of the Azure Developer. API Management helps the Azure Developer to create and manage their APIs.

The Azure Developer establishes API gateways, and with solution integrates Azure Search. For the development of App Service Logic App, the Azure Developer creates a custom connector and template for Logic Apps. Azure Developers have vast experience of developing scalable solutions through all phases of software development. They acquire full skills in at least one cloud-supported programming language. For the betterment of their firm’s operations, Azure Developers use Azure storage tools. They know the cloud-based storage requirements of their firm and then manage, develop Azure according to it. Azure security tools have also under the grip of developers as they carry out all options to secure their operations from every kind of threat. Implementing Azure IaaS services and features in their development solutions is the responsibility of Azure Developers. In the course of their certification, Azure Developers attain skills of using Batch service to maintain and deploy resources. Their course enables them to create containerized solutions with the help of Azure Kubernetes Service. Becoming an Azure Developer matters a lot, not for earning money but for learning more skills.

How to become the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

Azure Developer Associate is one of the most distinguished roles in Azure certifications. Only one exam is required to earn its certification. The exam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure is necessary to become an Azure Developer Associate. This exam has six modules. For a better understanding of modules, every module has been divided into further sub-modules. Every sub-module includes a detailed study of its topics.

Does any experience require passing the AZ-204 exam?

 Anyone cannot pass this exam, it’s not that simple. In this exam, an experienced professional can perform superbly than a non-experienced candidate. You need the following experiences to pass this exam:
  • Through all phases of software development, you must have at least one year’s experience of developing scalable solutions.
  • You must have skills in at least one cloud-supported programming language.
Besides the above-given experience, you must be capable of developing applications and services by utilizing the tools and technologies of Microsoft Azure. Knowledge of storage, security, compute, and communications would also prove helpful.

What are the policies of AZ-204 Exam?

Don’t worry if failed to pass the exam AZ-204 in the first attempt. If you are determined to become the Azure Developer then you can take the exam the second time. After the first failed attempt, you must wait at least 24 hours for second attempt. A Waiting period will increase to 14 days after the failure of second attempt. Microsoft allows five attempts for this exam. But if you have failed for the fifth time then you must wait for another 365 days.
Price of the AZ-204 Exam: The price of this exam depends on your location. For instance, if its price is USD 165 in the United States then it could be different in your country. You can find the official price according to your location from the website of Microsoft exam AZ-204.

Preparation of the AZ-204 Exam:

Always choose credible and advanced learning material. Microsoft updates its exams and you must have complete knowledge that which exam has been retired. We will discuss the most authenticate sources of preparations:

Microsoft AZ-204 Exam Questions:
You can prepare for the Microsoft AZ-204 Exam with authentic and upgraded questions. Visit JustCerts and get the comprehensive preparation material. Microsoft AZ-204 Exam Questions Bundle Pack of JustCerts includes AZ-204 Practice Exam (Desktop Software) and AZ-204 Questions & Answers (PDF).

Instructor-led Training:
This is another remarkable way for you to explore all the relative courses of the exam AZ-204. You can choose traditional classroom training according to your understanding. The option of Microsoft Course On-Demand is also available. The official website of Microsoft AZ-204 Exam allows you to browse all the courses of Azure Developer. All of the six modules included in the exam AZ-204 have been explained. The exam AZ-204 has been recently released by Microsoft so you may not find all the training options, but keep calm and visit it regularly for the official training path.

Guide to training:
This official service from the Microsoft summarizes the path towards Azure Developer Associate at one place. This guide updates you about classrooms and free interactive training content on Microsoft Learn. All the modules with codes have been mentioned on the guide. You just need to click your required material, and the information will appear on your screen. The link of Guide to training has been given on the official website of the Microsoft Exam AZ-204.

Practice Test:
The Practice test gives you a complete picture of your preparation. It’s a kind of an unofficial test that gives you a complete environment of the real exam. Microsoft has mentioned sources like Mindhub on its website for practice test. You can avail it or other sources but you make sure the practice tests. It helps you to get a detailed answer report once you complete the practice test. It gives you an idea of the exam’s requirements and your preparations.

Discussions and Forums:
Community discussions are another fruitful source of preparation. These are the most cost-effective ways of preparation. In these discussions, the experienced professionals or candidates answer your queries. Microsoft offers this service and you must avail it now for your preparation.

Final Words: If you are passionate about becoming the Azure Developer than prepare the exam AZ-204. It is necessary for the role-based job at the associate and expert level. Authenticated ways are available for you to start the preparation. JustCerts is also available for you to prepare the exam AZ-204. You must utilize these sources carefully because as time passes the need of Azure Developers is growing in the tech world.

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