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Why become a Microsoft certified Azure Security Engineer to implement Azure Security Controls?

The transition of businesses towards cloud computing has enhanced the need for completely secured, and threat free cloud operations. Microsoft Azure is leading the cloud technology multiple businesses are availing its spectacular services. In this blog your concepts about the role of Azure Security Engineer, required skills for an Azure Security Engineer will be cleared. Secure and protected Azure Services has become a major concern for companies attached to the Microsoft Azure.  Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate makes sure the security and protection of Azure. Skills of an Azure Security Engineer provide a threat-free environment for the business. You will find out the following information:

What will be your responsibilities as an Azure Security Engineer Associate?

As an Azure Security engineer you will control the security features of an organization’s data, applications, and network. The Security Engineer Associate implements remedies and various solutions to security breaches of the Microsoft Azure. Security Engineers can work as a team to secure services of Azure-based businesses. For a better understanding we can narrow down responsibilities of the Azure Security Engineer in the following way:

Which skills are required to perform the responsibilities of Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate?

Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer is responsible for implementing security controls. To avail, the security technologies of the Microsoft Azure multiple skills are required. A deep understanding of networking, virtualization, and cloud N-tier architecture, and a strong familiarity with cloud capabilities are required. The Azure Security Engineer implements Azure Data Encryption methods after identifying Azure data protection mechanisms for the secure internet protocols and their implementation on the Azure. For performing the responsibilities of the Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate you must have at least one year’s experience of securing Azure Workloads. The skills of Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate can be helpful as well for your role as an Azure Security Engineer. The skills and technical tasks necessary for a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer have been explained below. If you have these skills and abilities to perform specific technical tasks than you can easily become Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate:

  • Skills of Configuring Microsoft Azure Active Directory for workloads: Microsoft Security Engineer Associate creates, configures App registration and permission scopes. Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate is responsible for configuring Microsoft Azure AD identity protection so you must have skills of implementing conditional access policies. Configuration of Microsoft Azure AD Connect, authentication methods have also been required for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate.

  • Configuration of Microsoft Azure AD Privileged Identity Management and tenant security: It’s the job of the Security Engineer Associate to activate Privileged Identity Management and for this goal, the Security Engineer Associate monitors privileged access and configures access reviews. Abilities to transfer Microsoft Azure subscriptions between Microsoft Azure AD tenant are also required. As a Security Engineer Associate your concepts of managing API access to Microsoft Azure subscriptions and resources must be cleared.

  • Tasks of Implementing platform protection: Fulfilling the responsibilities of the Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate requires skills of Configuring container security and the implementation of Microsoft Azure management security is also performed by Security Engineer Associate.

  • Configuring Security Services and Policies: You can become a Security Engineer Associate if you can configure centralized policy management by using Microsoft Azure Security Center. Technical tasks of configuring vulnerability scanning and log retention have also been accomplished and for these tasks must know how to configure Microsoft Azure monitor, log analytics.

  • Management of Security Alerts: Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate investigates escalated security incidents by configuring a playbook for a security event with the help of the Microsoft Azure Security Center. As a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate, you must-have skills of customizing and responding to alerts and recommendations.

  • Skills of managing data: Configuration of security policies for data management is the prime responsibility of Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate. Configuration of data sovereignty and retention is done by Security Engineer. You must have skills of configuring data classification so that tasks about managing data can be done.

  • Securing data and applications: Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate makes sure a secure configuration for Microsoft Azure Data Lake. The skills of database authentication and auditing are compulsory for you to perform the duties of an Azure Security Engineer. Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate must understand the application by implementing security for the application lifecycle. Technical tasks about managing Azure Key Vault and configuring security policies to manage data are also done by the security engineer.

Which exam is required to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate?

The AZ-500 Exam fulfils the requirement for the certification of Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate. This is the only exam that is required for becoming an Azure Security Engineer. If you are interested in becoming a security engineer who controls the security features and services of an organization’s data then you must go for this exam. This exam targets those who want to become the Security Engineer of Azure. If you want to elevate your skills about implementing security controls and maintaining the security posture then you are its target audience. You can also visit JustCerts for more information about a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate required exam. Exam AZ-500 is perfect for those who want to peruse their careers as the Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate.

What is the price and policy of the AZ-500 exam?

The price of the exam AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies depends upon your locations. The price changes with the location. You can find out the exact price of the exam AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies from the official exam website.
The policy of the exam is not strict. You have five chances in a year. If you fail the exam in the first attempt, then you have to wait 24 hours for the second attempt. Moreover, you must wait 14 days for the third, fourth and fifth attempts. But 12 months waiting period is imposed on you after the fifth unsuccessful exam retake.  

Does any experience requirements for the AZ-500 exam?

Yes, you must have specific skills and experience for the exam AZ-500. These skills would help you in getting a good score in the exam. It’s the exam of an associate’s level certification, so you must have knowledge of the following things:

  • You must have strong skills in scripting and automation.
  • Your concepts of networking, virtualization, and cloud N-tier architecture must be cleared.
  • You must have a complete understanding of cloud capabilities and Microsoft Azure’s products.
  • According to the Microsoft training website, you must have at least one year of hands-on experience securing workloads of the Microsoft Azure.
  • You must have an experience of security controls for workloads on Azure.

Which skills would you acquire on passing the AZ-500 exam?

After completing the course of the exam AZ-500 you would gain multiple skills. Your knowledge and skills in implementing and maintaining security controls would enhance. You would be able to remediate vulnerabilities by using a variety of security tools. Moreover, on completing the course of the exam AZ-500 you would acquire skills to perform various tasks:
  • Define and explain specialized data classification on the Microsoft Azure.
  • You would be able to identify different mechanisms of Azure data protection.
  • You would implement encryption methods.
  • Your abilities to secure Internet protocols would be enhanced.
  • Your concepts of Azure Security services and features would be cleared.
  • You would be able to handle and respond to escalations security via several security tools.
  • Implementing Security Controls.
  • Maintaining the Security Posture.
  • Manage Identity and Access.
  • Protection of data, applications, and networks.
  • Implementing Threat Protection.
  • Responding to Security Incident Escalations.
In simple words, the exam AZ-500 earns you the certification of Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate and that how it contributes. Along with the certification, this exam would help you attain multiple skills. These skills would not only increase the productivity of your work but would also brighten your career prospects. This exam would help you to become a member of a larger team dedicated to cloud-based management and security. So, these are the benefits you would get on passing the exam AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies.

What are the objectives of the AZ-500 exam?

The main objective of the exam AZ-500 is to measure your skills in various technical tasks. This exam provides thorough details of specific skills that are required for performing duties of the Security Engineer Associate. Its objectives can be understood very easily by its required skills. The exam AZ-500 will measure your following skills. 

  • Managing identity and access (30-35%)
  • Implementing platform protection (15-20%)
  • Managing security operations (25-30%)
  • Securing data and applications (20-25%)

How to prepare the exam AZ-500?

There are numerous ways of preparing the exam AZ-500. It depends on your choice and requirement. Besides other online sources, Microsoft also offers multiple preparation platforms for you. Some have been explained below:

Practice Test and exam questions: Practice test and valid exam questions are the best ways of preparation, and JustCerts provides you with the upgraded preparation material about Microsoft AZ-500 exam. It is the most recent and updated version of Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate certification practice exam. This practice test allows you to overcome your mistakes and weak points in the preparation. Visit JustCerts and take the authentic practice test.

Official website of the Exam AZ-500: The Microsoft has allocated a separate website link for the exam AZ-500. You can visit it to find more details. Information about modules, sub-modules, skills, and technical tasks has been provided there by Microsoft. This should be the first step of your preparation. Details of exam price and preparation tools have been given. Besides preparation, you can also register yourself for this exam on the official website of Microsoft AZ-500 exam. 

 Course AZ-500T00-A: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies: This is the most credible and diverse platform for learning. It explains all the modules and sub-modules of the exam AZ-500. Your preparation will be enhanced by the course of Azure Security Technologies.

Learn in a classroom: This is another amazing service of the Microsoft Learning platform. To avail the services of a classroom you just have to find a classroom training partner. The way of finding a training partner has also been explained on the course website. This platform allows you:

  • Anytime Access.
  • You can access a recorded instructor from anywhere.
  • You have this platform for asking the instructor your questions personally.
  • You can attend the classroom in person or remotely.

Microsoft Azure Security Documentation: Microsoft has given detailed documentation of all the products of Azure Security. It would give you an idea of products related to Azure Security. Your knowledge of Azure Security Center, Key Vault, Azure Active Directory, VPN Gateway, Azure Centinal, and other products would be enhanced. Besides, the study material information about Azure Security Products has been given in Microsoft Azure Security Documentation.

Prerequisites: According to Microsoft, before attending the course of the exam AZ-500 you must have knowledge of the Microsoft Azure Administrator. The certification of the Microsoft Azure Administrator is not required but must have knowledge about this role. You just have to take the exam AZ-500 for Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate but the knowledge of Azure Administrator would surely help you in passing the exam AZ-500.

Training and Certification Community: Join the Microsoft Learning Community now. It’s a perfect platform for you to ask questions about your certification and preparation. You would interact with other students and professionals. You can check out the latest blogs about your exams which would give you more knowledge of your exam AZ-500.

Final Words: The exam AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies authenticates your knowledge and skills of Azure Security. Once you have earned the certification of Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate, chances of promotion and success would be increased. Your skills which you attain from the exam AZ-500 would help you to stand higher among your peers. Consult the authentic source of preparation and pass this exam. It’s the preparation that determines your success in the exam. So visit upgraded preparation sources and become a Microsoft Certified Security Engineer Associate.

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