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Show Off Enterprise Information Security Governance Skills with CISM Certification

The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) offers governance applications for multiple organizations. Its primary focus is on the information technology governance and usage of universally accepted information system practice and knowledge. The ISACA acquaints business technology professionals with the latest technology to bring innovation in their businesses. It currently supports 145,000 professionals in 180 countries who accomplish tasks related to insurance, management, information security and risk. In addition to this, the ISACA also offers multiple certifications to authenticate capabilities and knowledge of aspiring candidates. This blog answers the following questions:

What are the Benefits of Getting the ISACA Certified Information Security Manager CISM Certification?

The ISACA Information Security Manager CISM certification validates your capabilities in information security management, program design and management. Passing this exam is very beneficial for those who want to validate their abilities related to incident and risk management. Getting through CISM exam helps you to be an asset for a company as it proves skills to manage information security programs. According to ISACA, there are more than 45 thousand who have passed this exam. These CISM certification holders are earning an average salary of US$ 118K. Whether you are looking for new job opportunities or trying to enhance a career in the current organization, success in the CISM certification exam is beneficial for you in the following areas of work:

  • Candidates who attain the ISACA CISM certification, get experience in IS/IT security and control. Getting certified helps to move up the career from team member to manager. It also enhances one’s confidence to interact with stakeholders.
  • It validates skills to accomplish technical tasks of Information Security Governance, Information Risk Management and Information Security Program Development. The CISM certification proves Information Security Incident Management skills. ISACA says that getting this certification enhances 70% on-the-job performance as well.
  • Success in the CISM certification exam improves your worth in a team and ensures consistency between your tasks in an organization's information security program and its objectives. The CISM certification benefits to verify your determination to tasks of security and integrity.
  • You will be capable to establish and maintain an information security governance framework upon earning the CISM certification.

How Many Domains Does the ISACA Certified Information Security Manager CISM Exam Has?

To pass the CISM Exam, you need to cover its four domains. These domains show that the content of the real exam has been divided into four sections with different weightages. Below are the four domains of ISACA Certified Information Security Manager CISM exam:

  • Information Security Governance with 24% weightage is the 1st domain.
  • Domain 2 is Information Risk Management and it possesses 30% weightage which is more than other domains.
  • Domain 3 is Information Security Program Development and Management 27%.
  • The 4th domain is Information Security Incident Management with 19% weightage.

How to Take the ISACA Certified Information Security Manager CISM Exam?

Five or more years of experience in information security management is beneficial to pass the ISACA CISM exam. You can take the ISACA Certified Information Security Manager CISM exam for any time, day and location within your 12 months period. A registration fee is required to take this exam which is not refundable if you don’t take the exam within a year. The registration fee applies according to your status of membership. US$ 575 is the registration fee of ISACA members and US$ 760 fee is for non-members. Four hours (240 minutes) is the duration to complete this exam. An online ISACA account is needed to register for the CISM exam. Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese and Spanish are exam languages. You must achieve a score of 450 or higher to pass the ISACA CISM exam.

How long does the ISACA Certified Information Security Manager CISM Certification Last?

Candidates can maintain their ISACA Certified Information Security Manager CISM Certification by following the CPE requirements. Adhere to the given below items to maintain your certification:
  • Twenty annual CPE hours are necessary and you must report as well. These hours should be according to the CISM exam knowledge or your ability to perform CISM related technical tasks.
  • Get and report 120 CPE hours for a three-year reporting period.
  • Pay the CISM annual maintenance fee of $45 for members and $85 for non-members.
  • If you have selected an annual CPE audit, then comply with it.
  • Follow ISACA Code of Ethics and IT auditing standards

How can You Pass the ISACA Certified Information Security Manager CISM 2020 Exam?

You need such study material which covers all four domains of the CISM exam. Without a valid preparation material, success is not possible which means you will not be able to authenticate skills in information security governance. Comprehensive preparation through valid preparation material is the path to get good marks in the first attempt. Every year many fail to get success due to exam anxiety and stress. Fear of losing time and money cause this anxiety which ultimately leads towards the failure. Most trusted way of passing the exam is preparing ISACA CISM exam questions. With the help of these practice questions, you get the knowledge to cover every topic of CISM exam domains. Multiple candidates have passed this exam in the first try with desired marks by using these practice questions.
You should also visit the official website of the CISM exam during the preparation. It gives information about exam price, language, duration, self-paced and instructor-led preparation. You can only schedule this exam from the official website. Along with this, participation in ISACA communities is also beneficial. It is an online forum to ask questions and get ideas from experienced professionals around the world to successfully prepare for the CISM exam.

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