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How will you secure Microsoft 365 operations as a certified Security Administrator?

Microsoft 365 is one of the most advanced and comprehensive products of Microsoft and it meets all productivity needs of an organization. Besides large organizations, Microsoft 365 transits small and medium-sized businesses in modern terms as well. This intelligent solution includes Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. It allows people to work collectively and securely, in the fields of education, or business. Along with cloud-based enterprise mobility management service, Microsoft 365 enterprise consists of Windows 10 enterprise, local and cloud-based productivity services as well. You will get comprehensive information about Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator, and how you will secure Microsoft 365 operations after becoming a Security Administrator. We will discuss:

Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator enforces data governance and responds to threats for a secure enterprise and business environment. Without the Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate, all operations of Microsoft 365 come in danger. As a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate, you play an essential role in managing the security of 365 enterprises and 365 businesses. The certification of security administrator is important because it authenticates that you are capable to respond threats for security management. As a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate you implement and manage security and compliance solutions. You will secure the operations of 365 businesses by implementing security strategies that comply with the policies and regulations of the organization. The security of all business operations is the top priority, and Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate acquires skills to secure Microsoft 365 Enterprise, Business and Education. 

How will you secure Microsoft 365 Education as a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator?

Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate provides a simple and safe experience for Microsoft 365 Education. As a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate, you will manage users’ data and devices. Protection of identity apps, data, and devices will be done by you with intelligent security enhanced by machine learning. You will Manage data archiving, governance, and discovery.

What will be your role as Microsoft 365 Security Administrator in securing Microsoft 365 Enterprise?

After becoming the Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate you will protect assets with a new approach to comprehensive security. You will analyze threat signals each day to help secure third-party platforms, apps, and services. Following roles will be played by you as Security Administrator Associate:

  • Securing access to your enterprise.
  • You will defend your digital landscape.
  • Your role will be to improve security posture after its complete understanding.
  • It will be your responsibility to quantify your security posture and provide recommendations to improve it including the user impact and level of effort required.

As a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate, you will protect Microsoft 365 for Business:

The Microsoft 365 Security Administrator ensures that only the right people have access to important data of the business. Microsoft 365 Security Administrator plans strategies to protect the business against malware, viruses, phishing attempts, malicious links, and other threats.

The role of Microsoft 365 Security Administrator makes you eligible for a role in the expert level of Microsoft 365:

It is the policy of Microsoft to have one of the associate level certifications for the expert level. The certification of Security Administrator is one of the associate level roles of Microsoft 365. If you become the Security Administrator Associate you fulfill the eligibility criteria of Microsoft. You can identify your role in the associate level according to your interests and skills.

How much experience do you need for the role of Microsoft 365 Security Administrator at an associate level?

For the certification of Security Administrator, you need at least two years of comprehensive working experience in this role. If you increase your experience from two to five years then you can focus on the expert level job of Microsoft 365.

Which exam do you need to pass for the certification of Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate?

The Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate implements and manages security solutions. The certification of this role validates your skills in responding to threats and enforcing data governance. Only one exam is required to earn this certification. You have to pass the exam MS-500 exam for becoming a Security Administrator Associate. The exam MS-500 covers the topic of Microsoft 365 security administration. You must keep yourself informed about the changes of Microsoft. If you are interested in this role, then JustCerts provides you more details about Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate's required exam.  

Do you need any prerequisite?

There is no prerequisite for the exam MS-500. For earning the certification of the Security Administrator Associate you must pass the exam MS-500. But for your strong preparation, you can avail the option of Microsoft 365 Fundamentals. Microsoft 365 fundamentals provide foundational knowledge for the role of Security Administrator. Your concepts of Microsoft 365 Fundamentals must be cleared before the exam MS-500. Your elementary knowledge of Cloud Concepts must be cleared. You must have a complete understanding of the Core services of Microsoft 365. Besides this, your concepts about security, compliance, privacy, and trust in Microsoft 365 must be cleared. Microsoft 365 Fundamentals gives knowledge of all these concepts and that’s why you must prepare it before applying for the role of Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate.
You should have familiarity with M365 workloads and your skills about identity protection, information protection, threat protection, security management, and data governance must be well groomed as well. 

Skills measured in the exam MS-500:

The primary objective of the exam MS-500 is to administrate security of the Microsoft 365. To achieve this goal, the exam MS-500 measures your various skills. Every skill has a different weightage, and for better preparation, you should concentrate on the skills with more aggregate. For passing the exam MS-500, you have to learn the following skills:

Everything you need to know about the Price and Retake policy of the exam MS-500:
The prices of exam MS-500 vary in different countries. Prices will be according to your location. You must check its price before scheduling. After confirming the price you will schedule the exam MS-500 from the following official website of Microsoft. The exam retakes policy of Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) states that you can take the exam five times a year. If you don’t succeed in the first attempt you must wait at least 24 hours before retaking the exam MS-500. 14 days waiting period is imposed on the third, fourth and fifth attempts. Unfortunately, if you fail for the fifth time then you have to wait 12 months for taking the exam again.

How can you prepare the exam MS-500?

Exam MS-500 Questions and Practice test:
For the authentic preparation material of the exam MS-500, you can consult JustCerts. After preparing the exam MS-500, you must take the sample test. By taking a sample test you will come to know about the status of your preparation. It offers you the upgraded preparation material for the exams MS-500. Always prepare from upgraded and authentic books and study material. Fake and incomplete study material can ruin your preparation. JustCerts Microsoft MS-500 Exam Questions Bundle Pack Includes.

  • MS-500 Practice Exam (Desktop Software)
  • MS-500 Questions & Answers (PDF)
Microsoft Self-paced learning:
Microsoft self-paced learning is free, interactive and it is the most authentic way for you to start preparing the exams MS-500. You would find multiple modules to prepare the exam MS-500. The products related to security administration have been discussed thoroughly here. Visit Microsoft Self-paced learning for the preparation of the exam MS-500.

Participate in discussion forums:
Besides all the preparation, your participation in the discussion forums will help you to solve your queries about the exam MS-500. People who have given the exam participate in these discussion forums. As a candidate for the exam, you can ask questions from these experienced professionals about your preparation.

Bottom Line: Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate maintains the security of the Microsoft 365. For fulfilling this responsibility, the security Administrator Associate must have skills to plan and implement security strategies. As a Security Administrator Associate, you must have a thorough knowledge of responding to threats and enforcing data governance. It’s a complicated job, but it’s not possible. If you have an interest in security and compliance solutions for Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments, you can pass the exam MS-500 for the certification of Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate.

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