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Guide to Become Cisco Application Developer with DevNet Professional Certification

Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification verifies technical skills and knowledge of a software developer or networking professional. Besides the DEVCOR 350-901 exam, you will have to pass one concentration exam of your choice to get certified. This blog explains the following questions about Cisco DevNet Professional certification and its exams:

Is Cisco Certified DevNet Professional Certification Valuable?

Getting Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification validates skills and knowledge to develop and maintain applications built on specific platforms of Cisco. To get certified, you will have to pass two exams: 350-901 exam and one concentration exam of your own choice.  This certification is perfect if you want to boost your career as a software developer or networking professional. Getting certified is valuable as it proves skills and knowledge to accomplish professional-level roles of designing and writing applications that utilize Cisco platforms as their base. You will join a respected global community that shapes the upcoming technology upon earning this certification. It is valuable to enhance abilities to write and design applications for a new network.

You will learn about initial software design, testing and deployment automation. This certification provides experience to solve technical problems by using Cisco Application Programming Interfaces and modern development tools. If you are looking for a developer role and has more than one year of experience in developing applications, then Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification will certainly pave your way towards a successful career. While preparing for this certification, you will get understandings to design, develop, and debug applications by using Cisco APIs. Besides validating technical skills and knowledge, the DevNet specialist certification also enhances the chances of getting well-paid jobs. Companies always go for Cisco certified candidates for important job roles. If you have an interest in writing and developing applications then get certified now and prove that your talent is authenticated by Cisco. This certification is valuable for:

  • Network engineers
  • Developers
  • Solution Architects
  • Infrastructure Developers
  • Senior Network Automation Engineer

What are Required Cisco Certified DevNet Professional Certification Exams?

You will have to go through two exams to get Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification. A core exam which is necessary and a concentration exam of your choice. Passing every DevNet professional certification’s exam gets you a specialist certification now. You will get recognized along the way of getting certified by passing core or concentration exam. The 350-901 core exam emphasizes on software development and designing by using APIs, application security and deployment, automation, infrastructure and Cisco platforms. The primary focus of concentration exams are topics related to enterprise automation, collaboration automation, DevOps automation, Cloud, data center automation, IoT, and service provider automation.

Core Exam:
  • 350-901 exam
Concentration Exam (Choose One):
  • 300-435 exam
  • 300-835 exam
  • 300-635 exam
  • 300-535 exam
  • 300-735 exam
  • 300-910 exam
  • 300-915 exam
  • 300-920 exam

What is Covered in Cisco Certified DevNet Professional Certification Exams?

350-901 DEVCOR Exam: The DEVCOR 350-901 exam is necessary to earn the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification. You will never get certified without passing this core exam. It focuses on Developing Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs v1.0. The core exam is of 120 minutes and it measures knowledge to accomplish technical tasks of software designing and development. Skills to use APIs, automation, infrastructure, application deployment and security will be measured as well in this exam.

300-435 ENAUTO Exam: The ENAUTO 300-435 exam is one of the eight concentration exams. This 90 minutes exam measures knowledge to implement Enterprise automated solutions. The Automating and Programming Cisco Enterprise Solutions v1.0 exam tests skills to answer questions about automation tools, APIs, and Python programming.

300-835 CLAUTO Exam: The Automating and Programming Cisco Collaboration Solutions v1.0 exam includes topics about automation protocols, Python programming. The CLAUTO 300-835 exam tests skills to implement such applications that automate Cisco collaboration platforms.

300-635 DCAUTO Exam: Success in this 90 minutes DCAUTO 300-635 exam will prove your knowledge to implement Data Center automated solutions. Questions about automation and orchestration tools will also appear in this concentration exam of DevNet professional certification.

300-535 SPAUTO Exam: The SPAUTO 300-535 exam focuses on topics of Automating and Programming Cisco Service Provider Solutions v1.0. In this 90 minutes concentration exam, your knowledge and skills to implement Cisco Service Provider Automation solutions will be tested. Choose this concentration exam if you are interested in programming OS, automation tools, and implementing service provider automated solutions.

300-735 SAUTO Exam: Abilities to implement security automated solutions are tested in the SAUTO 300-735 exam. In this exam, you will face questions about programming concepts, data models, firewalls, web, email security, DNS, and cloud. Enhance your knowledge to implement Cisco security automation solutions to succeed in this 90 minutes concentration exam.

300-910 DEVOPS Exam: The Developing Solutions Using Cisco IoT & Edge Platforms v1.0 exam is a 90 minutes concentration exam. It will test understanding of DevOps practices. Success in the DEVOPS 300-910 exam will validate your knowledge in management, automated configuration, implementing DevOps solutions and Practices.

300-915 DEVIOT Exam: This 90 minutes concentration exam will measure your knowledge in IoT application development. To pass the DEVIOT 300-915 exam, you will need to enhance knowledge of developing solutions by using Cisco IoT and Edge platforms. Questions about security methods, IoT data visualization will also appear in this exam.

300-920 DEVWBX Exam: Knowledge in Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex devices will prove helpful to pass the DEVWBX 300-920 exam. This concentration exam is of 90 minutes have questions about Webex meetings, Webex devices, Webex API foundations, compliance and administration.

How to Prepare Cisco Certified DevNet Professional Certification Exams?

At the beginning of your preparation, you should get information about exams topics. Visit the official website of Cisco DevNet Professional certification to find out exam topics, registration process, and policies. Getting this information is very important to guide your preparation in the right way. Preparation of updated Cisco DEVCOR 350-901 exam questions is one of the effective ways to go through the core exam. To prepare the concentration exam of your choice, study practice questions before taking the final exam. DEVCOR 350-901 questions and concentration exams practice questions come in the PDF format that is compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets and PCs. Besides OS support, you can print these practice questions as well. Don’t forget to the mock test before scheduling the final exam.

Web-based or desktop practice exams can steer your preparation for success. Taking the mock test helps to assess preparation in a real exam like environment. DEVCOR 350-901 practice test and mock test of concentration exams help you remove mistakes from the preparation. You will be able to take the practice test multiple times till the mistakes-free preparation. Regular participation in the discussion forums is a cost-effective way of preparation as well. In a nutshell, we can say that preparing practice questions, taking the mock exam and participating in forums are very important to successfully prepare Cisco Certified DevNet Professional Certification exams.

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