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Why getting the CCNP Data Center Certification is beneficial?

This certification has been updated. Visit the Cisco CCNP Data Center Certification for the latest article on this certification.
The facility of a data center is composed of networked computers and storage that benefits businesses and organizations to organize, process, store and circulate large amounts of data. Data center is very crucial because the whole business relies upon its applications, services and data maintained within. Cisco allows managing data from anywhere because it simplifies IT complexity for better cloud, data, and application management. This blog answers the following questions:

What are the critical components of Cisco Data Center?

Cisco Data Center offers automation for every stage of the IT lifecycle and embraces multi-cloud anywhere. Its pervasive security and HyperFlex enable secure data migration across the entire network. Application Centric Infrastructure transforms your next-generation data center and cloud deployment and Cisco Tetration gains visibility with deep forensics across everything in your data center. Cisco Data Center simplifies the way of doing business by reducing IT complexity for management of cloud, data and application. With its help, on-premises hardware changes into more fast, complicated, and always expanding the landscape of digital infrastructure. Critical components of Cisco Data Center are:

  • Automation for every stage of the IT lifecycle
  • Embracing multi-cloud to go wherever your data goes
  • Universal security across the entire network

What are CCNP Certifications?

CCNP Data Center certification is one of the CCNP Professional certifications. CCNP certifications are about advanced technologies of Cisco to prepare for the varying job roles at professional-level. There are seven network professional certifications that authenticate professional networking skills and you get any of the following certifications according to your interest in Cisco technologies:

  • CCNP Cloud
  • CCNP Collaboration
  • CCNP Data Center
  • CCNP Routing and Switching
  • CCNP Security
  • CCNP Service Provider
  • CCNP Wireless

Why getting the CCNP Data Center Certification is beneficial?

  • Getting the CCNP Data Center Certification is beneficial because it validates your various skills about Cisco data center. You get professional-level skills about data center solutions, technologies.
  • CCNP Data Center Certification is beneficial to validate skills of designing, implementing, and managing a modern data center infrastructure. You become a Cisco certified for senior roles to enable digital business transformation initiatives. As a CCNP Data center professional, you qualify for crucial roles in in complex data center environments, with competence to utilize technologies including data center security. 
  • Upon getting this certification, you authenticate your knowledge and capabilities for key roles in complex data center environments, with skills to utilize technologies including policy-driven infrastructure, virtualization, automation and orchestration. Your knowledge about unified computing, data center security and integration of cloud initiatives is also enhanced.
  • After getting certified, you learn how your field of Cisco data center interacts with automation, cloud, software-defined technologies, and virtualization. Your skills of the data center solutions, technologies and best practices to design, implement, and manage a modern data center infrastructure are also enhanced after getting certified. 
  • CCNP Data Center Certification enables you to implement data center technologies including unified computing, unified computing maintenance and operations, automation, unified computing security, and unified computing storage.
  • For acquiring more knowledge to implement data center infrastructure routing and switching protocols, maintenance, management, operations, security, and storage, getting this certification is very helpful.
  • Your abilities to implement data center infrastructure including virtualization, automation, application centric infrastructure, application centric infrastructure network resources, and, Application Centric Infrastructure management including virtualization will be authenticated.

What are the required exams of CCNP Data Center Certification?

Passing these exams enables you to customize your certification to your technical to Cisco data center.

  • 300-175 DCUCI Exam
  • 300-165 DCII Exam
  • 300-170 DCVAI Exam
  • 300-160 DCID Exam


  • 300-180 DCIT Exam

Prerequisite: To get the CCNP Data Center Certification you have to get CCNA Data Center or any CCIE certification. Both these certifications can act as a prerequisite. Besides these certifications having the following knowledge also helps in the preparation:

  • Understanding of Cisco enterprise data center architecture, server system design and architecture.
  • Familiarity with Ethernet and TCP/IP networking, SANs and Fibre Channel protocol
  • You should be able to describe data center networking concepts, data center virtualization, data center storage concepts and Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS).
  • Prior knowledge to identify products in the Cisco Data Center Nexus and Cisco MDS families can also assist in your preparation.

The last date to take exams: To take these exams register at the Pearson Vue. Cisco’s exams are administrated by Pearson Vue and for taking this exam you will have to create an account on the Pearson Vue website. Register yourself before February 23, 2020, because Cisco will update its certification and training program after this date. If you have started the preparation of this certification, keep going. In the new program, you will get credit for getting the CCNP Data Center Certification. These exams include up to 70 questions and you attempt these questions in 90 minutes. You will get information about the nearest testing center, price and schedule after registering at Pearson Vue.

Preparation of CCNP Data Center Certification Exams:

  • 300-175 Exam tests your knowledge of implementing data center technologies including unified computing, unified computing maintenance and operations. To pass this exam you must have skills of automation, unified computing security, and unified computing storage. Pass this exam by using valid 300-175 Exam Question by JustCerts.
  • 300-165 Exam measures your skills of implementing data center infrastructure including key protocols, routing and switching protocols. In this exam, you perform tasks of maintenance, management, operations, security, and storage. For good preparation of this exam, visit JustCerts and get updated 300-165 Exam Questions.
  • 300-170 Exam This exam tests your capabilities of implementing data center infrastructure including virtualization, automation, Application Centric Infrastructure. Get valid 300-170 Exam Questions and pass it in the first attempt.
  • 300-160 Exam is about data center infrastructure design pertaining to deployment requirements and options for network connectivity. You perform tasks about infrastructure, storage network, compute connectivity, and compute resource parameters. You will pass this exam very easily by getting valid 300-160 Exam Questions
  • 300-180 Exam tests your abilities of troubleshooting data center infrastructure including data network protocols, network virtualization and automation. The best way to pass this exam is an authentic 300-180 Exam Questions.
The official website about CCNP Data Center Certification assists to prepare these exams by the facility of e-learning and instructor-led training. These facilities help understand all requirements of Cisco data center at the professional level. Besides this, the official website gives authentic information about exam policies, duration, number of questions and the last date to take. You can get through these certifications by preparing the content of this learning source.

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