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Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification enhances your skills of Azure apps and infrastructure

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert is one of the two expert-level certifications of Microsoft Azure. Certification of Azure DevOps Engineer Expert is for those who are oriented to integrate Development and Operations. Technical tasks of a DevOps Engineer revolve around one objective and that is increasing the efficiency of operations. This blog explains you multiple questions:

Which tasks will you perform as a Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert?

DevOps Engineers make sure continuous integration, testing, delivery, and feedback by implementing different strategies for application code and infrastructure. They are also responsible for optimizing practices, improving communication, and creating automation. DevOps professionals combine people, and various technologies to continuously deliver valuable services.. There are multiple tasks that an Azure DevOps Engineer accomplishes. All the obligations of DevOps Engineer revolve around the ways of increasing the efficiency of operations. Key responsibilities of the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert have been explained below:

Designing a strategy: An Azure DevOps engineer implements an Agile work for an effective DevOps strategy. DevOps engineer recommends a migration and consolidation strategy for DevOps tools. DevOps expert designs secure development processes and recommends tools to integrate infrastructure security validation. Azure DevOps Engineer performs the following roles:

  • Recommending a migration and consolidation for DevOps tools
  • Implementing an Agile work management approach
  • Designing a secure development process and a tool integration strategy

Implementing development processes: DevOps engineer uses scale Git for an enterprise and manages build infrastructure. Azure DevOps engineer recommends migration and integration strategies for source control, and test management. DevOps engineer integrates infrastructure validation by recommending tools and practices. Azure DevOps  Engineer Expert Implements DevOps development processes by:

  • Designing a version control strategy
  • Implementing and managing build infrastructure
  • Implementing code flow and mobile DevOps strategy
  • Integrating Source Control
  • Managing application configuration

Continuous Integration: DevOps engineer manages code quality and security principles and implements a container build strategy, and detect the open source and other licensing issues. Azure DevOps  Engineer Expert Implements continuous integration by:

  • Managing code quality and security policies.
  • Implementing a container build strategy.
  • Implementing a build strategy

Continuous delivery and application infrastructure: The Azure DevOps engineer designs a implements an appropriate deployment pattern by releasing management workflow. For continuous delivery skills of designing a release strategy must be strong. DevOps engineer implements infrastructure compliance and security, infrastructure as code (IaC) as well. It’s the responsibility of a DevOps engineer to manage an Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure.

Dependency Management: The DevOps engineer must acquire the skill of implementing dependency management. Designing a dependency management strategy, and managing security compliance are the tasks of the DevOps engineer expert. To accomplish these tasks DevOps engineer identifies and recommends standardized package types and versions across the solution. Configuring secure access to package feeds helps DevOps engineer in this responsibility.

Continuous feedback: DevOps engineer implements continuous feedback by:

  • Recommending and designing system feedback mechanisms
  • Implementing process for routing system feedback to development teams
  • Optimizing feedback mechanisms

Prerequisite for Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert:

Microsoft has explained the way of becoming DevOps engineer expert. If you want to become an Azure DevOps engineer than you must earn the certifications of Administrator Associate or Developer Associate.
Azure Administrator Associate implements and maintains Azure Solutions, whereas Azure Developer Associate designs and maintains cloud solutions. You can choose between Administration and Developing according to your desire but you have to earn one of these two certifications. Both certifications have one exam each. There are some requirements that are needed to be fulfilled before the exam of AZ-400 Exam. To earn the certification of Azure DevOps engineer you must have the certification of Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate. You cannot be eligible for the exam AZ-400 without one of these two certifications.

  • Just for reminding you of the certification Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate. It covers the areas of implementing, maintaining Microsoft Azure Solutions with all the major services related to compute, storage, network, and security. For becoming the Azure Administrator the exam AZ-103 is required.
  • Whereas the Azure Developer Associate designs and maintains cloud operations. The exam AZ-203 is required for the Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate.
  • There is a choice for you to earn either the Administrator or the Developer Certification. The choice is there but you must earn one of these two certifications for becoming the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert.

Experience: Before applying for the exam AZ-400 you must have some experience or familiarity with the Azure technologies. It would greatly help you in the preparation of the exam AZ-400. Your concepts about the Azure Administration and development must be cleared. You must be familiar with both services. Besides your familiarity with the Azure administration and development you must have expertise in one of these. You have a choice of earning maximum skills of the Azure administration or development. But it is necessary for you to have skills in one of these.

Price of the exam: Price of the exam would be according to your location. If your location is the United States then the price could be USD 165, and if you are applying from the United Kingdom the of the exam AZ-400 could be GBP 113 pounds. Before applying for the exam you must set your location. After setting the location price of the exam would appear. This information has been provided by Microsoft on the official website of the exam AZ-400.

Exam retake policy: For the General Microsoft Certified Professional there are chances for you to take the exam after a first failed attempt. You can give the exam second time after 24 hours of the first attempt. Then you must wait 14 days for the third attempt. Waiting period of 14 days is also imposed for the fourth and fifth attempts. But after the fifth failed attempt you must wait a year for another attempt. You have five opportunities for the exam according to the General Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exam retake policy.

Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert must be:

  • Proficient with Agile practices.
  • Familiar with both administration and development of the Microsoft Azure.
  • Able to design and implement DevOps practices for the following purposes:
  • Version Control
  • Compliance
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Configuration management
  • Building, releasing, and testing by using Azure technologies
Everything you need to know about the Exam AZ-400.

The certification of Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert authenticates your skills as a DevOps engineer. To earn the certification of the DevOps engineer you must pass the Exam AZ-400. The exam AZ-400 measures your necessary skills about DevOps strategy and development processes.

What would you learn from the exam AZ-400?
  • On completing all included courses of the exam AZ-400 you would learn multiple skills of DevOps operations. You would get knowledge about describing the benefits of using source control. The exam AZ-400 would enable you to migrate from TFVC to Git. Your skills would be groomed and you would learn about managing application configuration and implementing a mobile DevOps strategy.
  • You would learn about the implementation of a container build strategy, detecting code smells and integrating automated tests for code quality.
  • You would learn effective ways of performing the following tasks:
  • Implementing Progressive Exposure Deployment
  • You would learn different ways to inspect the health of your pipeline and release by using, alerts, service hooks, and reports.
  • The exam AZ-400 would enable you to differentiate between multi-agent and multi-configuration release jobs.
  • On passing the exam AZ-400 you would classify an Agent, Agent Queue and Agent Pool.
  • Configuring build pipeline to access package security and license rating.
  • For security and license compliance this exam would give you knowledge of inspecting open source software packages.
  • Your skills in configuring secure access to package feeds would be improved.
  • After clearing all courses of the exam AZ-400 you would be able to define an infrastructure and configuration strategy and appropriate toolset for a release pipeline and application infrastructure.
  • In your application infrastructure you would learn how to implement compliance and security.
  • On passing the exam AZ-400 you would be able to design practices to measure end-user satisfaction.
  • You would perform ongoing tuning to reduce meaningless or non-actionable alerts.
  • For establishing a baseline you would analyze alerts and telemetry.
Skills measured in the AZ-400 exam: Preparation of the AZ-400 exam
  • Develop an instrumentation strategy (5-10%)
  • Develop a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy (5-10%)
  • Develop a security and compliance plan (10-15%)
  • Manage source control (10-15%)
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration (10-15%)
  • Define and implement continuous integration (20-25%)
  • Define and implement a continuous delivery and release management strategy (10-15%)??

Preparation of the AZ-400 exam:

If you have an interest in becoming the Azure DevOps engineer and you meet all its requirements then start its preparation now. Always consult credible sources for the preparation. Below some credible sources have been explained for preparation:

Official certification website: If you are taking the exam of Microsoft certification then you must start your preparation from the Microsoft official website of the Azure DevOps engineer certification. On the official certification and exam website, you will find all the details of the certification and the exam. You can visit it to find more details. Information about modules, sub-modules, skills, and technical tasks has been provided there by Microsoft. This should be the first step of your preparation. Details of exam price and preparation tools have been given. Besides preparation, you can also register yourself for this exam as well. Following details have been explained there:

  • Skills that will be measured in the exam AZ-400.
  • Modules and sub-modules of the exam AZ-400.
  • Self-paced preparation.
  • Instructor-led preparation.

Instructor-led Courses of Microsoft: In this platform of Microsoft, you would find detailed courses of all the modules included in the exam AZ-400. You could prepare the exam on your schedule, at your speed and at your place. In instructor-led courses, the overviews and outcomes of all courses have been given. You just have to select your product and job role.

Upgraded questions and practice exam: You can visit JustCerts for the authentic and upgraded questions and practice exam of AZ-400 exam. Microsoft upgrades its exams so your preparation material or books must meet the current needs of the exam. Never forget to take practice test before the exam AZ-400. You would know your strengths and weaknesses by taking practice test. Multiple weak points in your preparation will be covered.

Study Groups: Participation in the study groups would aid you in your unsolved queries. You can join various online groups and discussion forums. These study groups would allow you to discuss your preparation and certification with professionals. Your path would be more cleared and your unsolved question about preparation and certification would be solved.

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