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Azure Data Scientist Certification enhances skills to Design and Implement Data Science Solution on Azure

Data Scientist is one of the key roles in the associate level of data and artificial intelligence. In 2019 the scope of Microsoft Azure has expanded. Besides applications and infrastructure, the Azure is enhancing its services in the circle of data as well. For this purpose, the demand for skilled data scientists has also increased. A data scientist possesses multiple skills to perform his or her responsibilities. This blog will answer the following questions:

Tasks of Azure Data Scientist

  • Actionable Insights: Actionable Insights and communicating results to stakeholders are very essential and to achieve this goal the Azure Data Scientist applies various data exploration techniques.
  • Satisfying Business Objectives: The Microsoft Azure Data Scientist satisfies business objectives by using different machine learning techniques to train, evaluate, and deploy models. Besides this, the Data Scientist also builds AI solutions that satisfy business objectives.
  • Usage of Applications: A data scientist uses applications that involve natural language processing, speech, computer vision, and predictive analytics.
  • Serving Multi-Disciplinary team: It’s the responsibility of an Azure Data Scientist to serve as part of a multi-disciplinary team that incorporates ethical, privacy, and governance considerations into the solution.
  • Development Environment: For defining and preparing the development environment the data scientist selects and sets up a development environment. The data scientist quantifies business problems as well.
  • Preparing Data for Modeling: After transforming data into usable datasets, and performing Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) the Microsoft Certified Azure Scientist Cleanse and transform data for modelling.
  • Feature Engineering: By performing feature extraction algorithms on non-numerical data the data scientist applies feature selection algorithms.
  • Evaluating Model Performance: The Azure Data Scientist selects an algorithmic approach, splits datasets, and identifies data imbalances, for tuning the model.

What are the most valuable skills to learn for a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist?

  • You must know how to leverage services for designing and deploying machine learning models in your data analysis.
  • Skills of accelerating the setup of Databricks in Azure, building streamlined workflows, and working with the interactive analytics workspace powered by Apache Spark must be upgraded.
  • You must know the usage of Azure tools to explore, analyze and process data with machine learning.
  • As a data scientist for data analysis and machine learning tasks, you must have enough skills of using Azure Data Science Virtual Machine. This pre-configured virtual machine service is included in the Azure for performing Data Science tasks.
  • Performing predictive and analytical Data Science techniques, such as exploratory data analysis, model training, is your responsibility as a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate. So, you know how to use Azure Databricks to perform these tasks.
  • Solving business problems and making business operations more efficient is the key objective of an Azure Data Scientist. For achieving this objective the data scientist must learn skills of evaluating and deploying modes so that business problems can be solved.

Importance of Azure Fundamentals for becoming the Azure Data Scientist:

Besides the advanced data science skills, your concepts about Azure Fundamentals must also be cleared. You should have a grasp on cloud concepts like High Availability, Scalability, Elasticity, Agility, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery. Before becoming the Azure Data Scientist you should be able to compare and contrast basic strategies for transitioning to the Azure cloud. For this purpose, you can consult Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam AZ-900.

How to become the Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist?

Skills measured in the DP-100 exam:

  • Skills to set up Azure Machine Learning Workspace. (30-35%)
  • The DP-100 Exam tests abilities of Running Experiments and training Models. (25-30%)
  • Skills to Optimize and manage models. (20-25%)   
  • This exam measures the skills and knowledge of Deploying and Consuming Models. (20-25%)

Discussing the preparation of the Exam DP-100

Microsoft Course DP-100T01-A:
One of the best ways to start preparing for the exam DP-100 is the course DP-100T01-A. You just have to visit the official website of the DP-100 exam and the detailed study material of this exam would appear on your screen. You can get this course from the official website of the DP-100 exam. This course helps you in clearing the following concepts:

  • Machine Learning Solutions: This course would give you knowledge about using different Azure services to develop, train, and deploy machine learning solutions.
  • An Overview of Azure Services: Microsoft Azure has multiple services that support data science. This course gives you a detailed overview of the Azure Services that support data science.
  • Automate the data science: This course nourishes your skills to automate data science. For this purpose, you would learn about Azure’s premier data science service, Azure Machine Learning service.
  • Doing Data Science on Azure: The advantage of preparing the exam DP-100 from this course is that you will learn about the data science process and the role of the data scientist. This knowledge will help you to understand how Azure services can support and augment the data science process.
  • Machine Learning Pipeline: This course will teach you about the machine learning pipeline and how the Azure Machine Learning service's AutoML and HyperDrive can automate some laborious parts of it.
  • Managing and Monitoring Machine Learning Models: You will develop skills of automatically managing and monitoring machine learning models in the Azure Machine Learning service.

Classroom training:
In classroom training, you just have to find a classroom training partner. Below given points have been described to you the effectiveness of this service:

  • You can access a recorded instructor for your preparation.
  • You will get authentic and official training content of Microsoft.
  • It will allow you to ask instructor questions in person.
  • Through this service, you can attend live class in person or remotely.

Practice Exam and Questions:
A Practice test is another spectacular way to make your preparation more solid. It ensures authentic content which meets all objectives and required skills of Exam DP-100. Sample test includes all the relevant questions and gives you an idea that which fields would be focused on the exam. Your whole preparation can be useless without taking the practice test. Make sure that before the real exam you take an upgraded practice test because it will multiply your preparation. You can get an upgraded practice exam and questions of DP-100 exam from JustCerts.

This certification enhances your skills in the tech industry: Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist is an important role of the associate level. In this modern era, almost every business requires a smooth business operation. Solving business problems and making business operations more efficient is the key objective of an Azure Data Scientist. For worry-free business operations, the role of a data scientist is very crucial. As a data scientist, you apply various techniques to train, evaluate, and deploy models that can solve business problems. So, the resolution of business problems requires an Azure Data Scientist and over time, this role would become more crucial. It is the right time for you to attain its skills and push your career in the tech industry.

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