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Linux Foundation Kubernetes Application Developer Certification – Why and How to Get Certified?

Linux Foundation Kubernetes Application Developer Certification helps to grow a career as a Kubernetes engineer and cloud engineer. You will have to pass the CKAD exam to get this certification. This blog answer the following questions about Kubernetes Application Developer Certification and its CKAD exam preparation:

What Will You Learn from Linux Foundation Kubernetes Application Developer Certification?

The Kubernetes Application Developer Certification is introduced by Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Kubernetes engineers, cloud engineers and other IT professionals will acquire more skills and knowledge to build, deploy, and configure cloud-native applications with Kubernetes. Earning this certification will validate skills of designing, configuring and exposing cloud-native applications for Kubernetes. You will learn more to accomplish technical tasks of building, monitoring, and troubleshooting scalable applications and tools. Getting certified will make you capable to use an OCI- Compliant Container Runtime like Docker or rkt. 

Linux Foundation Kubernetes Application Developer Certification will help you learn more about Cloud Native application concepts and architectures. The successful Kubernetes Application Developer will acquire abilities to use a Programming language like Python, Node.js, and Java. The preparation process of Kubernetes Application Developer Certification gives in-depth understandings of Kubernetes API primitives, ConfigMaps, SecurityContexts, Multi-Container Pod design patterns, and debugging in Kubernetes. Success in this certification provides knowledge to understand LivenessProbes and ReadinessProbes, ServiceAccounts, and way to assess applications in Kubernetes. Prepare from good resources to pass this certification's CKAD Exam as it will be helpful in creating and configuring Basic Pods, Demonstrating basic knowledge of NetworkPolicies.

How Do You Earn the Linux Foundation Kubernetes Application Developer Certification?

The Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam is required to earn the certification of Application Developer. This exam tests your skills in a hands-on and command-line environment. The major objective of this exam is to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and abilities to accomplish the technical tasks of Application Developers. The online exam includes performance-based problems which you will solve in a command line. You will have 2 hours to complete the exam of Certified Kubernetes Application Developer. You will not need any prerequisite to attempt this exam.

Success in the CKAD exam makes your resume look better. Companies prefer certified application developers for well-paid jobs and your achievement of getting the Kubernetes Application Developer Certification will definitely enhance chances of getting highly paid jobs. A Respected certification like Kubernetes Application Developer boosts career and skills to get a pay bump. You need time and hard work to go through the CKAD exam but it will all be worth it. As major companies are always willing to pay certified application developers more because their certification shows that you have necessary experience, skills and knowledge to perform critical roles.

What are Domains of Linux Foundation Kubernetes Application Developer Certification CKAD Exam?

The price of Kubernetes Application Developer certification exam is USD 300 with 12 months eligibility period. This exam tests knowledge and to design, build, and expose applications running on Kubernetes. For this exam, your skills related to the following domains will be tested:

  • Core Concepts domain (13%)
  • Configuration (18%)
  • The domain of Multi-Container Pods (10%)
  • Observability (18%)
  • Pod Design (20%)
  • Services & Networking (13%)
  • State Persistence (8% )

You should have an understanding of continuing volume change for storage to prepare this exam successfully. In the domain of Services & Networking, questions about services and network policies will appear. Before attempting the final exam, clear your concepts of using Labels, Selectors, and Annotations. Learn to perform rolling updates and rollbacks. Your preparation should be solid to fully understand Jobs and CronJobs.

How Can You Strengthen CKAD Exam Preparation of Linux Foundation Kubernetes Application Developer Certification?

Preparation of the Kubernetes application developer exam is not easy like any other IT certification’s exam. It is a tough task but not impossible if you adopt an effective strategy and choose the right preparation source. Time to study and practice is necessary to cover all domains of the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam. Visit the official website of the Kubernetes application developer exam because it will provide you with verified information about exam price, domains and enrolling process.

The official exam page should be your first choice to get verified information because this official website provides curriculum details and authentic source to register for this exam. Frequently asked questions page is also given on the official certification page which will help you shape the preparation in a better way with valid basic exam information. Discussion forum and communities will also prove helpful to strengthen the CKAD exam preparation. Regular participation in these discussions gives you suggestions and tips of experts to prepare this exam. Study each domain of the application developer exam whether the domain has a low percentage.

Preparation of CKAD exam questions will strengthen your preparation to get better marks. Kubernetes Application Developer Certification exam practice questions are available in the CKAD PDF format which you can use via smartphone, laptop, tablet, and PC. Besides OS support, you can print these CKAD practice questions as well. Don’t forget to take the CKAD practice exam before sitting in the final examination. The CKAD practice test provides a real exam environment which is helpful to overcome the exam anxiety. You can also remove preparation mistakes by taking CKAD mock exam as well. Visit the official website to get exam details and then enhance knowledge of all exam domains by preparing CKAD exam questions. This is the way to strengthen CKAD exam preparation. 

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