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A+ Certification – All that you need to know about CompTIA A+ certification

JustCerts blog answers CompTIA A+ certification related questions. The following A+ blog discussion covers A+ intro, importance, A+ domains & topics, exam modules, Core 1 exam 220-1001 and Core 2 exam 220-1002, A+ market worth and career placements being A+ certified.

Who is CompTIA and why CompTIA A+ certification?

CompTIA – The Computing Technology Industry Association is an American non-profit trade association, issuing professional certifications for the information technology industry. It is considered one of the IT industry's top trade associations (Wikipedia)

                                   Founded on January 1, 1982, | CEO: Todd Thibodeaux | Headquarters: Illinois (USA)
                                                                President: Todd Thibodeaux | VP: John McGlinchey

CompTIA is a provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications globally. CompTIA has issued more than 2 million IT certifications across the US and worldwide. In the last 20 years time, CompTIA has developed and designed study assisting materials, especially trainings with audio/video and diagrams illustrated study guides to help IT, professionals, to get hands-on knowledge, valid practices.
CompTIA has been leading the charge in our digitally connected world that its vendor-neutral training and certifications policies made CompTIA a market leader in following skill development and validations of IT professional’s knowledge and experiences;?

  1. Certification exams for computing support
  2. Computer networks
  3. System and networks security
  4. Open-source (Linux) development
  5. Cloud and mobility
  6. Regular updates on emerging technologies in IT infrastructure developments
  7. Computing hardware updates from technology-based IT peripherals manufacturers
  8. Providing education continuity revised Study materials and improvised exam tech scenarios.
  9. IT industry news, updates, and sharing IT professional’s challenges for sustainable growth.
  10. Exams renewal activities to keep knowledge fresh with today’s technology challenges.


What Is on the CompTIA A+ Exams?

A+ certification is based on two core level exams, A+ Core 1 exam (220-1001) and A+ Core 2 exam (220-1002). A+ is fundamentally a performance-based certification that validates IT professionals skill set on the following knowledge, valid practices and running of operations;
  1. Configure, install and upgrade OS, including Workstations for Windows, Windows Servers,  Apple OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices
  2. Install, configure and image virtual machines
  3. Setting up safe troubleshoot of peripheral devices
  4. Computer and networks devices assemble and disassemble safely
  5. Setting up and tech-support basics for home and small office networks successfully
  6. Implement cyber-security controls appropriate to helpdesk and technical support roles smoothly
  7. Troubleshoot and support end-user access to applications and data securely

The A+ Certification Exams by CompTIA Major Domains & Topics

A+ Domains & Topics

Brief Explanation on Topics & Domains


Identify, use and connect hardware components and devices


Explain types of networks and connections including transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP), Wi-Fi, and small office/home office (SOHO)

Mobile Devices

Install and configure laptops and other mobile devices

Network and Hardware Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot device and network issues

Security for
System & Networks

Identify and protect against security vulnerabilities for devices and their network connections

Windows Operating System

Install and support Windows OS, including command line and client support

OS Technologies

Understand Mac OS, Linux, and mobile OS

Software Apps Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot PC and mobile device issues, including application security support

Operational Procedures

Follow best practices for safety, environmental impacts and communication, and professionalism

How to Renew Your CompTIA Certification?

  1. Certification will expire in 3 years and it should be renewed before the expiration
  2. Earn secure figure of CEUs and renew your certification
  3. Renew it by paying fees to CEUs and also with getting CompTIA certification or passing CertMaster CE
  4. If you have more than one certification then only renews your higher-level CompTIA certification. From this, your low-level certification will also be renewed
There are Two Paths of Renewal Cycle;
Renew with a Single Activity:
  • Renew your certification automatically with the easiest way of CompTIA CertMaster CE by using an e-learning course.
  • Earning higher-level CompTIA certification can also renew your lower-level CompTIA certifications
  • You can renew your CompTIA certification by renewing a non-CompTIA IT industry certification
  • Use a new version of the exam and renew your certification by passing this latest exam
Renew with Multiple Activities:
  • Earn certain numbers of CEUs and renew your CompTIA certification by passing the qualifying CompTIA certification exam
  • Renew Your certification by getting other IT industry certifications not offered by CompTIA
  • Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by completing various educational activities
  • By earning CEUs, renew your certification by engaging in a variety of relevant IT industry activities.
  • Renew your certification by writing and publishing documents, articles, or books.


A+ Certification Exams Overview

Vendor Name CompTIA – A Computing Technology Industry Association
Certification Name A+ (plus) – CompTIA A+ Certification
Number of Exams in A+ Certification 2 exams - Core 1 (220-1001) &  Core 2 (220-1002)
Exam Cost – Core-1 (220-1001) $ 232 USD.
Exam Cost – Core 2 (220-1002) $ 232 USD.
Total Cost of A+ Certification Exams $ 464 USD.
Discounts & Vouchers See, if you can avail them!
Course/Exam Launch Date January 15, 2019
A+ Exam Description – CompTIA A+
  1. A+ 220-1001 covers mobile devices, networks, hardware architecture, virtualization, cloud computing and network troubleshooting.
  1. A+ 220-1002 covers installation & configuring OS, network security, software applications troubleshooting and operational features and procedures.
A+ Exams Number of Questions 90 (ninety) questions per exam maximum.
A+ Exams Type of Questions
  1. Multiple Choice Questions (single & multiple response)
  2. Drag and Drops Questions
  3. Performance-based Questions
A+ Recommended Experience
Level Prior to Exam Attempts
Nine to twelve months (9 – 12 months)
  1. Hands-on-experience for PC hardware
  2. Small/medium networks in a lab (LAN – WAN - VoIP)
  3. Familiarity and hands on practice with software apps
  4. PC & Networks peripherals identifications
  5. Knowledge of tools in operational performances.
Exam Languages English at launch. German, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai and Spanish languages are also available
A+ Exam Retirement  TBD - Usually three years after launch
Testing Facilities / Testing Provider Pearson VUE
  1. Testing Centers
  2. Online Testing
A+ 1000-Series New CompTIA A+ Core Series includes;
  1. A general expansion of baseline security topics core to the IT support role, including physical versus logical security concepts and measures, malware and more
  2. A dramatically different approach in defining competency in operational procedures including basic disaster prevention and recovery and scripting basics
  3. A greater dependency on networking and device connectivity
A+ Exam Preparation Followings are successful ways towards  being certified;
  1. eLearning
  2. Virtual Labs
  3. Exam Preparations
  4. Study Guides & Sample Exam Questions  
  5. Video Trainings
  6. IT Instructor-led trainings
CompTIA CEP CompTIA Continuing Education program / https://www.comptia.org/continuing-education
A+ Exams Renewal Renew 220-1001Renew 220-1002
A+ Exam Sample/Practice Questions JustCerts provides sample/actual/practice questions

Frequently Asked Questions on A+ Certifications

How will the A+ certification help you in your career?
The CompTIA A+ certification is a gateway to your successful career as it validates knowledge of computer software and hardware fundamentals. Having this certification puts you in a well-paid position from the start of your career as recruiters prefer CompTIA A+ certification holders during the hiring process.

Can you get a job with CompTIA certifications?

Getting the CompTIA certifications to help you to get jobs in 2 ways.

  1. These certifications show recruiters that you are inclined to boost your career.
  2. CompTIA certifications make you a preferable candidate over non-certification holders and this helps you land well-paid jobs.

What are the current A+ Exams?
The current CompTIA A+ certification consists of two separate exams. You must pass both Core-1 exam 220-1001 and Core-2 exam 220-1002 to be a CompTIA A+ certified professional. Obtaining the current A+ certificate authenticates your skills as a core technologies problem solver.
Is A+ certification still relevant?
The CompTIA A+ certification is well suited for entry-level IT professionals who want to prove their understandings of cutting-edge computer hardware and software fundamentals. It a widely accepted certificate that gets you hired because many companies use CompTIA A+ certification as the hiring criteria.
What does the A+ certification cover?
The A+ certification validates basic skills to get entry-level IT jobs. It covers cloud computing, networking technology, mobile devices, hardware. This performance-based certification also focuses on installing and configuring operating systems, software troubleshooting, and operational procedures.
Is the CompTIA A+ test hard?
The CompTIA A+ test isn’t hard, you just need to prepare from authentic study material to clear this exam. Select updated practice exam questions that cover each topic of the CompTIA A+ test. Spend time on accurate preparation material and test that seems hard will become easier for you to crack.
Are CompTIA certs respected?
CompTIA certifications are globally respected and vendor-neutral. The certifications set you apart from others and help you get jobs as companies need certified professionals who have expertise in network infrastructure, enterprise security, and server support. CompTIA certs help you go up the career ladder and make you valuable to any organization.
HOW MUCH DOES A+ Certification cost? 
You will need to buy an exam voucher that shows a unique code. The price of the A+ certification exam voucher is $232 per exam. In case of failure, you will have to buy another voucher to attempt the exam.
Is CompTIA A+ enough to get a job?
Getting the CompTIA A+ certification is indeed worth it to get entry-level jobs like Service desk analyst and Technical support specialist. Major companies like Dell, HP, and Intel prefer CompTIA A+ certification holders in hiring. This certification acts as a qualifying credential for various IT operational roles and makes you stand out from others in the recruitment process.

How long does it take to get a+ certified?
The CompTIA A+ preparation time depends on your IT background. It belongs to the entry-level and you will approximately 10 to 12 weeks of preparation to pass both 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams of CompTIA A+ certification.
What kind of questions are on the A+ certification test?
Multiple choice questions, performance-based, drag and drops are types of 220-1001 and 220-1002 exam questions. MCQs have single and multiple responses while the performance-based items measure your abilities to deal with an issue in a simulated surrounding.
What are performance-based questions CompTIA A+?
Performance-based questions of CompTIA A+ certification test a candidate’s competency to work out an issue in artificial information technology environments. To solve performance-based questions, the candidate has to figure out a particular problem. This is followed by a simulation environment in which the CompTIA A+ exam candidate performs tasks.

How many questions are on the CompTIA A+ exam?
There are 90 questions per CompTIA A+ exam. You will have to attempt 180 questions to pass both 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams of CompTIA A+ certification.
How do I practice CompTIA A+?
You can take desktop and web-based CompTIA A+ exam practice tests for self-assessment. Practice exams help you evaluate preparation and overcome weaknesses before appearing in the final exam.
What is A+ certification good for?
The A+ certification is good for aspirants who want to boost their entry-level IT careers. It is beneficial for candidates who are pursuing a career as a Data support technician, Service desk analyst, Field service technician, or Help desk technician.
What is CompTIA A+ equivalent to?
The CompTIA A+ certification is equivalent to Microsoft MCSA and Cisco CCT certifications. 
Who can take the CompTIA A+ exam?
The CompTIA A+ certification is befitting for professionals who want to begin an IT career. Candidates with 9 to 12 months of proficiency in the field or lab should go for a CompTIA A+ certificate. Getting certified will pave the way to get Data support technician, Desktop support administrator, Help desk tech, or Associate network engineer jobs.
Which CompTIA certification is the easiest?
A+ certification is considered the easiest CompTIA certification since it educates and validates knowledge on IT fundamentals.
What are 4 steps CompTIA identifies toward certifications? 
CompTIA certifications are the industry's best credentials to begin and lift your career in information technology. Here are 4 steps to be a certified professional:

  1. Research and choose a certification that matches your interest.
  2. Understand exam objectives and study accurate practice questions.
  3. Prepare from study guides, online trainings. Take practice exams for self-assessment and to overcome preparation flaws and familiar yourself with online exam behavior. 
  4. Once your preparations done well, now register yourself and book your exam.

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